Choosing the right size is never as easy as it should be. Everyone is built differently and for that reason everyone looks and feels differently in the exact same pair of jeans. 

Each of our styles has a list of garment specifications broken down into size. Align your measurements with the garment size that best matches. If you're between sizes we recommend sizing down as 100% cotton denim tends to relax in high contact areas (waist, hips, etc.) after a few wears. 


For our women's styles:

To help find the fit that's right for you we recommend using a soft measuring tape against your bare skin, in no more than your underwear. With a friend or in front of the mirror, measure the following:

Natural Waist: the smallest part of your waistline, not necessarily where your jeans will hit. Bend to the side and find the point below your ribs where a natural crease is made. Measure your waist at this crease point keeping your tape taught but not tight. Our women's styles are high waisted and likely to fit pretty close to this measurement. Our men's styles have a lowered waist and you can skip this measurement all together. 

Hips: For women's styles this is in reference to the fullest part of your body that includes around your seat and/or your hips. Wherever the most is, measure that. For men's styles, measure from the top of your hip bone and around. Wear light weight, tight fitting underwear for this to get the most accurate measurement. 

Inseam: the length from your crotch to your ankle bone. Wear light weight, tight fitting underwear and bare legs to get the most accurate measurement. 


For our men's styles: 

Using a pair of your favourite jeans laid out as flat as possible on a hard surface and with a soft measuring tape, calculate the following: 

Waist: the top of the jeans aka the waistband, from one side to the other. Double the measurement.

Rise: the length from the bottom of the crotch seam to the top edge of the front of waistband, above the button.

Thigh: starting just below the crotch seam, the width of one leg. Double that measurement.

Leg Opening: the width of the opening at the bottom of the leg. Double that measurement.

Inseam: the length from crotch point to the bottom of the leg along one side only. 

And don't worry, if we don't get it right the first time we offer one free return or exchange on all unworn and unwashed apparel. We want you to be happy with your jeans and we'll work with you to make sure that happens. Check out our return policy for details or reach out to us directly to discuss any questions you might have.